“Facilitating neuro-muscular integration”


3 New Training videos are on the way

  • Lumbar Disc Herniations 
  • Shoulders
  • Upper Extremities

MFT targets the dysfunctional muscles that cause skeletal misalignment!

MFT changes dysfunctional muscles from this dynamometer reading…

Pre-treatment = 27 lbs/force

into healthy functional muscles like this…

Post-treatment = 30 lbs/force

…immediately and consistently!

Positively stimulating the golgi tendon organs, using a tolerable force, dampens the autogenic inhibition reflex and reduces muscle tension, relieves joint stress and restores muscle power output toward normal.

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MFT Protocols

– Dynamic Motion Analysis –

– Eccentric Break Muscle Testing –

– Advanced Muscle Palpation –

– Nerve Integration Techniques –
[The ‘WOW’ factor]

– Rehabilitation Protocols –

Myotonic Facilitation Concepts

1) Healthy muscles are Strong-Flexible-Pain Free(SM)

2) Muscles control the movement and alignment of bones

3) Nerves regulate the power output of muscles

4) Muscle adhesions need detangled to achieve maximum fiber recruitment

5) Muscle spindles respond best to perpendicular corrective forces

6) Golgi Tendon Organ correction is into osteo-tendon insertion


Comments from recent seminar attendees:

“This is what I’ve been looking for”….”Faster technique and better outcome measures”….”Best instructor I’ve had in years”….”When are you coming back?”….”Program was so much more than the brochure expressed”….”Best seminar that I have attended in a decade”….”Instructor was very interesting and has a great understanding of subject matter”….”very entertaining and enjoyable to attend”.