Concussion Management

Concussion Management 






Concussion Management Seminar Fee
3 CEU’s – $75.00


Course Objectives

– Review concussion red flags and dangers of manipulation.

– Explore diagnostic tests to evaluate concussion status.

– Demonstrate non-thrust treatment techniques.

– Discuss the role of Chiropractors and concussions.

– Introduce the half-somersault maneuver for vertigo relief.

– Recognize concussion signs and symptoms.
– Identify anatomical structures related to concussions.
– Describe pathophysiology as it relates to concussions.
– Determine appropriate exam procedures for diagnosing concussions.
– Design treatment plans based on exam findings.
– Apply diagnostic skills to on-field and clinic settings.
– Interpret tests to evaluate concussion progress.
– Demonstrate manual manipulation techniques to reduce concussion symptoms.
– Compare pre- and post-treatment findings to support care plans.