Concussion Management

Happy Brain© Program

“Addressing the physical aspects of traumatic brain injuries”


The Happy Brain program is a network of certified providers that are trained to evaluate and treat mild traumatic brain injured patients, both acute and chronic, using Trauma-Free Treatment© protocols.

The Happy Brain program is a neurological based approach to evaluation and treatment of concussed patients.  Evaluation consists of neurological testing of the brain, brainstem and cranial nerves to objectively identify where deficits are present. Trauma-Free Treatment© protocols are a series of specific manual manipulation techniques used to directly affect concussion related signs and symptoms.


HappyBrain© neurological evaluation procedures:


Happy Brain© Certification

Healthcare providers can become certified by completing intensive training in evaluation and treatment protocols.

Trauma-Free Treatment© 




Happy Brain© Training Course Objectives

Describe pathophysiology as it relates to concussions.
Discuss the diagnosis and prognosis of concussions.
Review concussion red flags and dangers of manipulation.
Understand the health concerns of pediatric athletes.
Explore diagnostic tests to evaluate concussion status.
Demonstrate non-thrust treatment techniques.
Introduce the half-somersault maneuver for vertigo relief.
Address cranial nerve lesions with manipulation techniques.
Explore sleep strategies for concussed patients.
Incorporate nutritional support for better brain function.
Discuss effects of strength and cardio exercise on the brain.
Apply mobility exercises to improve musculoskeletal function.
Integrate PreActive StretchingSM protocols to improve agility.
Explain return to lifestyle guidelines.
Understand modifying factors for RTP.

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