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PAS Instructor Certification Seminar

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PreActive Stretching Instructor Certification

Course Objective:

Participants will gain skills in leading others in a pre-activity therapeutic stretching routine.

Educational Objectives include:

– Identify joint and muscle restricitions using stretching evaluation tools.

– Improve patient outcomes with proprietary stretching protocols.

– Apply self release techniques to improve joint/muscle flexibility.

– Create new muscle memory patterns to correct chronic conditions.

– Eliminate/reduce joint crepitus with confidence.

– Incorporate pain mangement classes for MD’s and corporate programs.


Overview of Course:

Preventing injuries while functioning at optimal performance requires muscles and joints be prepared to handle loading stresses and strains. Applying an effective pre-activity stretching routine lubricates joints and restores normal slide and glide motion in muscle fibers.

Introduction to stretching concepts and the PreActive Stretching protocols will give a greater understanding of stretching with an intentional focus. Training skills specific to being a coach will be incorporated.


Course Outline:
Basics – 2 hours
Introduction: Why stretch?
Skeletal Muscle Anatomy and Physiology review
Healthy Muscles are Strong-Flexible-Pain Free!
Stretching concepts – animal survival, dynamic motion analysis, crepitus
Self Release techniques – detangle fibers, slowly scrub crepitus, pin & stretch, find & grind, squeeze a spasm, yawn & sigh.
18 therapeutic movement protocols.

Advanced – 2 hours
Group practice
Review of concepts and protocols
Small group breakout – pairs teach each other movement protocols

Practicum – 2 hours

High speed demonstration
Written Test
Groups of 4 – Evaluate, Discover, Explore
[help each other gain feedback, understanding movements and concepts better, refine teaching skills]
Complete Evaluation form



*$50 no-show fee. No charge if cancelled 24 hours prior to seminar.
We reserve the right to cancel seminars without advance notice.


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